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Launching a business is challenging and each industry has its own pitfalls. With today’s fast-paced environments, a trial-and-error approach to growing a venture is a lengthy and costly endeavour. That is why, you rely on experts with a proven track record and extensive industry knowledge. This provides optimal support for start-ups as they face their challenges.

At C-Square Capital, we gathered multi-lingual subject matter experts, serial-entrepreneurs, that have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience through their career-path. The team is comprised of business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives that are here to deliver the most relevant and beneficial solution.
C-Square Capital consults, coaches, and invests in seeds and start-ups with its Smart Money approach. This approach qualifies prospective partners to have access to financial resources, operational support, and coaching over a period of 12 to 18 months. We will work with you on every facet of the business from reviewing the business plan to connecting you with private and public investors. We are here to make sure your business grows quickly and solidly by actively helping you every step of the way.

Our Guiding Principles


We are fast and adaptable, thanks to low overheads and no bureaucratic gridlock.


We find the right solution – our goal is to provide services that help our partners and provide pivotal results.


We value trust in everything we do be it interacting with our customers and being transparent to our communities.


As our world is technologically ever changing, we spend time and ressources internally in order to set ourselves from the rest of the pack.

Meet our board


Alexander Chatterjee


Alex has over 15 years of experience in ICT and 10 years in consulting in different industriesaround Europe. Being a serial entrepreneur, he coaches seed and start-ups owners to scale up their business in order to reach serie A.


Bart Leyssens


Bart brings over a decade of project management and management consulting experience to the team. He is an expert in operational excellence and has contributed to several M&A transactions, both in pre-deal due diligence, as in post-acquisition integration.


Maarten Vos


Conducting business has two components: the technical expertise and the human interaction. As a seasoned corporate banker Maarten understands the ins and outs of international financing, lending and insurance. As a coach he will focus on your negotiation and presentations skills.


Thomas Imfeld


Entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience. From advising companie to investing in start-ups Thomas is focused on sharing business adventures.


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