Our Services

Building the best possible team for your venture

We know how difficult it is to put together a well balanced team. We can strengthen your capabilities, or complement them with our own.


Coaching your start-up
to the next level

Whether it’s going from idea to seed investment, or scaling from five to fifty employees, we can support your growth.


Reviewing and fine-tuning
your business plan

A good business plan is a cornerstone of future success, by challenging it and adding our knowledge we can build a solid foundation.


MVP advising
and building

You do not need to understand how your MVP works: we are here to help you plan, implement and construct it with the most modern technology.


Financial deal

We can help you set-up an investment strategy, and facilitate funding- be it through our own incubator program or through our network of investors.


Understanding the market and context

Understanding your market is important: we provide a transparent 360° due diligence, analysing all your strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your competitors.


Let's tailor the right solution for your business